The tranquil sound of the waves splashing on the sparkling white sand shore, chaotic arrangement of black and grey rocks, the beautiful and never-the-same formations of water hitting these rocks and the constant swaying of those palm trees are some trivial features of the Four Seasons Seychelles Island. Not to mention the forest like habitat, challenging mountain climbing tasks and motor boating. With 62 villas and 5 suites, this tiny Island can hold a staggering population without even letting you know. Competing with the god-made ambience, this spot also has restraints, bars, In-villa dining, Pools, library fitness centre and many more commodities. A man’s most concealed fantasy, the oil massage, body scrubs and wraps are some unique selling points on this resort.

Similarly, Constance Ephelia resort is another stunning five star experience offered at a much lesser expense. This beauty resort focuses on the architecture and interior superiority as it boasts of being the symbol of beauty. The juxtaposition of 100s of Islands named as Seychelles Islands is a good option for a luxurious and serene holiday but is reputed to put you into a dilemma. To select one of these effervescent land-spots in the midst of oceans requires one heck of a research. Choosing this hotel will put you into the book of apt decision makers as it proffers a whole range of water sports, wind surfing and sailing. If you are not intrigued by these propositions of entertainment, then you can always bank on the sublime look of its beaches and translucent waters.