Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and also the largest city. This is an important place of the Swedish government, parliament and also the official home of the Swedish emperor. Stockholm is the political and economic center of Sweden from 13th century. Stockholm municipality is the largest among the Swedish, having a population of 795,163 as per December 2007 census.  Stockholm is also famous for tourist attractions.

City Hall

Stockholm’s major attraction is red brick city hall. The building is also known as “Stadshuset”.  In 1923 it has become the location of Nobel Prize annual feast. The most inspiring attraction in the City Hall is Golden Hall. The specialty of this Golden Halls is the walls, covered with handmade mosaics.

The Nordic Museum

This shows the lifestyle of the Swedish people, how they lived in similar parts of Sweden all the way through the ages. The fascinating exhibition contains interesting attractions like costumes, tools dwellings and furnishings.

Museum of National Antiquities

This is the most impressing museum where you can see the Sweden’s development from prehistoric period from the present day. You can find archeological artifacts and treasures that include the massive collections of gold items taken from the tombs. The wonderful gold collection covered with costly stones which consists the skull of Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia.

The Swedish Museum of Natural History

This is the biggest museum in Sweden, and also one of the oldest museums in the world. There are interesting exhibitions and educational programs from the subjects of human environment to the Universe and DNA.

Ice Skating in Kungstradgarden

Ice-skating is the most popular activity in the winter. You can enjoy the Ice-skating always in Kungstradgarden. Ice-skating is the best time pass for the tourist and locals in Stockholm.

Shopping Scandinavian Artwork

Stockholm is frequently called as “ shopping capital of the North”. You will get all the items what ever is famous, not only in Sweden but from all over the world. Stockholm is considered as modern Scandinavian Design. Sweden designs are same like Ikea, the great furniture and accessories designers. You can find famous 5 stores in the inner city of Stockholm. Svenskt Tenn and Asplund are the famous stores among them.

Stockholm’s nightlife & Bar

The nightlife in Stockholm is really a remarkable entertainment. You can enjoy the nightlife completely if you are not with your children. The interesting highlights of nightlife is music, bar and restaurants.

The Vasamuseet

Vasa, the costly warship started its maiden journey from Stockholm in 1628, with great expectations. But unfortunately the ship has not reached its destination. After three centuries once again Vasa discovered. This ship belongs to 17th century which is preserved in the world. This is open for public and it is considered as one of the 7 wonders of Sweden.

The Kaknas Television Tower

The Kaknas Tower is the tallest constriction in Scandinavia, also known as Kaknastornet. The height of the tower is 508 feet. You can use elevator to climb the tower. From the tower you can see the entire city of Stockholm with a great background. There is a restaurant on the top; you can have meals or coffee over there.