Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, and also the largest city of Kenya. Nairobi is also called as “ Green City in the Sun”. This city was established in 1899, and become capital of Kenya in 1905. This city is also the capital of Nairobi District and Province. This city is located on the Nairobi River, in south of the nation, and 1661 meters above sea level. The estimated population of the city is 3 to 4 million as per 1999 Census. Comparing to other Tourist spots Nairobi is not a major tourist attraction place, but there are some interesting tourist attractions to visit.

Nairobi National Park

This park is easily accessible from the city, and you can find more than 80 types of animals such as lions, gazelles, cheetahs, giraffes, buffaloes, warthogs, zebras and ostriches. There is a vast area of wetland and you can find more than 550 species of birds that migrates from place to place accordingly to seasons. In recent times this park is named as Rhino Sanctuary. There are more than 50 rhinos are there, and you can see the rhinos all over the year.

The National Museum

This museum contains the natural and cultural history of the nation, and also you can find the prehistoric artifacts of Leakeys. More than 900 stuffed birds, animals, and fossils from the lake Turkana are the main attraction of this museum. You can see rare collections of Kenyan tribal portraits and watercolors of Kenyan flowers and plants by Joy Adamson.

The important section of this museum is “Early Man” section; there you can find the collection of bones and fossils of pre historic period. Fossil of a preserved elephant, complete skeleton of 12-year-old Homo erectus boy, skulls of Homo sapiens, Homo habilis, footprints of Oldpai are the amazing attractions of this museum.

The Parliament House

The parliament house is built in the year 1950, and you can find the motto of the government carved on the main door as “For a just society and the fair government of men”. Parliament is very familiar with its clock tower. It is open for public, and you can get the information regarding the next session of parliament from the guards. Next to parliament you can find the reverently landscaped Mausoleum of Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Republic Kenya.

The Railway Museum

It is situated in old railway building. You can find largest collection of Locomotives and rolling stock, and the German made of MV Liemba that is still in use. You can find models of ship and train and the original photographs of Uganda Railway, Railway magazines, maps and drawings. The display of original reports and suppliers, catalogues are still preserved in glass case for research.

Snake Park

This is next to Nairobi National Museum, with the largest collection of snakes, each variety is separated from another. You can find Cobras, Mambas, vipers and many other varieties of snakes. Apart from snakes you can also find various types of reptiles in the park.

Uhuru Gardens

Situated on the Langata road next to Wilson airport, you can find a beautiful musical fountain in the garden. This garden has the background of Uruhu Monument which stands as a Nairobi’s Independence for freedom.

AFEW Giraffe Center

The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife sanctuary is famous for its Rothschild giraffe. Visitors are allowed to feed the animal and take photographs.

National Archives

This is the famous place where you can find the photographs, paintings and handicrafts of Kenya. There is a reading room for project works.

The Carnivore

This is one of the famous restaurants in Nairobi, and you can get the dishes from zebra to crocodile. There is also a wild safari at this restaurant.